Timothy Mobley and Baron Group focus on Helping Families transition into long-term healthcare environments

17 Nov

We have been doing business in Louisiana since 2004.  We offer a full range of products to meet the needs of our clients.  Our focus is helping families transitioning into long-term healthcare environments, whether that is home healthcare, assisted living, memory care, or a nursing home, and we do it from a legal and financial prospective.

As the local advocate, we specialize in educating VETERANS and SURVIVING SPOUSES of the benefits available through the VETERANS AID & ATTENDANCE PENSION and to the general qualifying criteria.


WE DO NOT CHARGE for this service.


Our knowledge in this specialized area allows us to assist with any necessary planning that can be done so that you are consistent with the general qualifying criteria.  We then refer you to AMERIVETS where all Attorneys are fully accredited by the VA’s general council.


We do not apply to the VA for you:  We do not approve or deny your case and we offer no legal advice or opinion:


Our commitment to you…


  • Provide a comprehensive and professional approach to educating you of the benefits of Title 38 and the general qualifying criteria.


  • Be knowledgeable, trustworthy, credible, and professional.


  • Access to VA accredited attorneys that can provide full representation of VETERANS as it pertains to Title 38.


  • To communicate with you in a timely and accurate manner


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